Ticks and Mammalian Meat Allergy in The Wall Street Journal

Last week, Melinda Beck at the Wall Street Journal published a great interview with Drs. Commins and Platt-Mill about lone star ticks and the alpha-gal allergy. Please check it out here!

3 responses to “Ticks and Mammalian Meat Allergy in The Wall Street Journal”

  1. Mark says :

    I was bitten by many, many seed ticks back around 1992 and developed this allergy. After several reactions, some very serious, I figured out I was allergic to meat and stopped eating it, although my doctors didn’t believe me. No matter, I knew I was correct. Anyway, I basically gave up mammalian meat although I have discovered that if I take a benedryl right after I eat meat, it stops the reaction from occurring. I have done this maybe two times in the last twenty years just so I didn’t have to say no…

    • Lynda H says :

      That is interesting about taking the Benadryl right after eating – – – – rather than after a hives breakout. I have learned to eat beef sparingly; to only eat what I have cooked (none from restaurants); and make sure ALL fat is trimmed before cooking it. The allergy got worse again this summer after two bites by tiny, tiny ticks.

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