Could your meat allergy be pork-cat syndrome?

Through our research on mammalian meat allergy, we’ve realized not everyone with a new meat allergy fits the alpha-gal allergy symptoms – namely, some of our patients have more immediate symptoms and they are negative for IgE antibodies to alpha-gal. Pork-cat syndrome has been described previously in the European medical literature, but we recently presented data on the first six documented pork-cat patients in the United States at an allergy meeting, and you can read up on that here.

5 responses to “Could your meat allergy be pork-cat syndrome?”

  1. Steve Chaplin says :

    Is this a serious website or what? Forcing people to watch YouTube advertisements repeatedly while not providing the information we enrolled to find seems somewhat disingenuous…..Please reply, as there is no additional information on this page about this European medical issue.

    • allergytomeat says :

      Steve, I’m not sure what link you clicked on, but the linked MSNBC article does in fact discuss symptoms of pork-cat syndrome and the albumin cross-reactivity responsible for the reactions. I’m sorry you had an issue with the linked article or our blog.

  2. Steve Chaplin says :

    My apologies….it was simply the low-contrast design element used for the live-link that left me searching elsewhere. It does work after placing the curser over the linking word. Muchas Gracias! And also, thought I was able to try small amounts of pork fat and skin after eating several grams 45 days ago after not consuming for a year, then reacted during sleep last week after eating a similar amount 6-7 hours earlier. Guessing a cumulative internal build-up?

  3. Maura says :

    My husband becomes ill after eating pork that has not been cured. He can eat bacon or sausage, but any kind of pork chops, roast, etc., makes him violently ill. His reaction, though, is not the classic allergic kind but rather stomach pains, diarrhea, etc. While we do have two cats, he did not grow up with cats, and this is a lifelong problem. I’m curious about whether curing pork can eliminate allergic reactions or whether my husband’s problem is unrelated.

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