The People’s Pharmacy interview with Dr. Jerath on mammalian meat allergy

Dr. Jerath will be on The People’s Pharmacy on Saturday, October 1, speaking about the allergy to alpha-gal! For a list of radio stations  and broadcast times, you can visit The People’s Pharmacy’s site. A podcast of the show will also be available on Monday here, where you can read about the upcoming radio segment.

7 responses to “The People’s Pharmacy interview with Dr. Jerath on mammalian meat allergy”

  1. Alun Ward says :

    Thanks so much for going on air and talking about the Mammalian Meat Allergy, Public radio and an earlier interview you had was I how I found out this is what I was dealing with. You have certainly changed, and probably saved, my life, keep up this great work.

  2. Fred says :

    I have not been officially diagnosed but have had two episodes. Had googled about it when I had the first reaction. Second episode was same as first. Middle of the night. Both followed by a heavy red meat meal. Where do we find out about the blood test for diagnosis?

  3. Sandra says :

    I was diagnosed with this allergy in August from the Allergy Partners of Charlottesville. My cound was 20. The severe hives were terrible and landing me in the hospital once. I know that beef is the major cause but have been putting myself through tests to see what else I can and cannot eat. I had an Italian sub with capacol ham and salami on it and had NO reaction. I had sausage links and HAD A SMALL reaction of hives and quickly took some Benadryl. I would love to be a guinea pig for you if you ever need one as far as trigger foods. Seems to be different for me.

  4. Debora M Trent says :

    I was diagnosed in October 2010 with results from UVA of having an allergy to alpha-gal, and or having an allergy to all red Meat. I have since stopped eating any mammal meat , but still have a lot of cross contaminations at resteraunts with chicken and seafood products. They have not been life threatening like I reacted to actually eating red meat, but still have to take benedryl for several days after a cross contamination with my lips become tingling and my throat starts to tighten up a bit. Recently I have noticed this type of reaction with no possible cross contamination from meat but had milk products and products containing aspartaine. I am very puzzled about this new development with my alergy. The other possibility could be tomatoes, because out of know where this past summer I became allergic to tomatoe Plants, not the fruit but the actual plant. Touching the plant would cause my skin to burn like acid was poured on it, and breathing in the dust from the plant would make my throat to start to tighten. Things are getting weird for me here in Forest, Virginia

    • Deb Harbert says :

      Strange….I have always reacted to tomato plants…touching the plants, not eating tomatoes/////have had alpha gal since fall of 2013. My reaction to touching the plant is just like yours. fire red skin, gigantic hives….difficult to get rid of….benadryl alone won’t do it…usually have to have a steroid injection.

  5. tlccedarville says :

    I have not been officially diagnosed but plan on contacting my family physician to be tested. I have had severe (anaphylatic) reaction to beef and pork. I would also like to include, I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 22+ years, and have found I have an anaphlatic reaction to the mammal derived meds such as, Kinnerett, Embrel, Orencia, Remicaid…all required epi-pen and immediate medial care. I am currently on Humira (total human derivatives) Wanted to inform any other RA patients who may have the Alpha-gal allergie to research any new meds. An important note: I had inquired about these meds and was assured there were not derived from any mammal products, but after anaphylatic reaction to Remicaid and Orencia, I researched and found this was not true. So other than the total avoidance diet, be very aware and educate yourself before starting any new meds.

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