Dr. Platts-Mills on Richmond’s NBC12

Dr. Platts-Mills was on Richmond, Virginia’s NBC12 on October 25 to talk about the link between the alpha-gal allergy and bites of the lone star tick. Check out his interview and one family’s scary story from a trip to Jamaica here. The video should be up for the next two weeks, but the print article will stay online.


7 responses to “Dr. Platts-Mills on Richmond’s NBC12”

  1. Jayne says :

    It seems like more allergists are becoming aware of this because of the work of Dr. Platts-Mills and his team. Bravo to you all and thank you from someone who also suffers from the alpha-gal. My allergist was able to identify that that’s what I had based reading about your work in a professional journal. Btw, I can now eat beef! It’s been years since my tick bite (don’t know exactly, but the estimate is 8 years) and I can now eat ground beef. I am too scared to try a full-on medium rare steak, but it’s nice to have a juicy burger once in a while!

  2. steve says :

    Thats sounds great as it has been 12 years for me but havent tried that yet. My alergists claims you can go back and eat it and not have any of the problems the first couple of times but may have a full blown attack on any given occaision. Might want to be careful.

    • Jayne says :

      I’m sure you’re right! I do need to be careful! I don’t eat burgers regularly, even now, but when I do, my husband jokes about the fact that it could be a $1,000 burger if I end up in the ER! Dark humor, I know!

      • Mark says :

        I have really bad attacks whenever I eat meat UNLESS I take a Benedryl right afterwards, then nothing. I still don’t eat meat, but if you really want to, give this a try.

      • Rusty Brown in Canada says :

        My understanding of antihistamines is that they work by getting to the appropriate place first, ahead of the histamines, and block their access by taking up the spot they would otherwise occupy. Thus the allergens cannot produce their effect. The lesson here seems to be to to take the antihistamines ahead of time, apparently.

  3. Perry says :

    Similar time-attenuation experience. After several full-blown reactions, I asked for the Alpha-gal specific IgE test. Result: 87 kU/L. After a few months, and avoiding new tick bites, I followed the blog suggestion and ate small, half-ounce ‘challenges of pork, with no reactions. Second test now 15 after the first says 34kU/L.

  4. Maryann says :

    What a pain!!! Let me tell you as a wife of the meat and potato king!!! I love to cook everything and I am now limited because my husband was a victim of a lone star tick bite!!! Poultry, fish, veggies ect!!! Great however, boring,,,,!

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