Mammalian Meat Allergy Featured in the AARP Online Bulletin

An article about our research into the mammalian meat allergy just came out in the AARP Online Bulletin.

3 responses to “Mammalian Meat Allergy Featured in the AARP Online Bulletin”

  1. Jeanette says :

    I break out from Ready To Eat meats, lunch meat; bacon and meats prepared with nitrates and preservatives.

  2. marie says :

    I have been hospitalized 26 times since 2001 due to very low BP, loss of consciousness, vomiting and diarrhea. I have had an extensive work up, including trips to MD Anderson, Vanderbilt, University of Texas, Baylor. No diagnosis. I believe I may have alpha-gal allergies. Thank you for your work with this unusual illness. I am encouraged that AARP published the article.

  3. randaway says :

    Marie… get the blood test for Mammalian meat allergies asap… this could really kill a person.

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